About the Music

The Music Together® program uses original and adapted traditional music. Each semester families take home a different Songbook Collection with one CD and a downloadable option (one for the house and one for the car) featuring that semester’s music. There is no sequence to the Songbooks allowing children to enter the program during any semester and continue for three years without repeating material.

The Music Together experience grows with the children as they are able to learn on different levels according to their maturity. Rhythmically, children progress from making random gestures to marching to their own drummer, then continue on to keeping a steady beat and accenting the beginning of measures. Tonally, they progress from just cooing to singing the resting tone of songs, then continue on to singing the beginning and endings of songs and then singing entire songs using a prepatory breath. For videos of sample classes see www.musictogether.com.

Niko with a drum